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Once each player has had a chance to hit their initial shot, the team members select the best tee shot of the four, and ALL golfers then play their second shot from that location. The team determines the better of the second shot, and then all play their third shots from that spot and so on. Play continues in this manner until the hole is completed. After the hole is completed, the team score is recorded and play continues under the same guidelines until the team has finished all 18 holes of golf.

About Jim Neill
In 2011, The Jim Neill Memorial Foundation was formed with the goal of hosting an annual golf tournament with proceeds benefitting a selected 501C3 charity.

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About the Tournament
The 8th Annual Jim Neill Memorial Golf Tournament will be hosted on Friday, August 10th at Eastmoreland Golf Course in Portland, Oregon.

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About the Course
In 1917, the Eastmoreland Golf Course was laid out by National Amateur Champion, H. Chandlar Egan. Today, Eastmoreland is ranked by Golf Digest among the top public courses in the country to play.

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